Umi Nami Farm

Moss Street Market

We have good news and we have bad news.

The bad news is that we will not be at Moss Street Market until further notice.

Due to COVID 19, our staffing situation no longer allows us to attend Moss Street Market until more or less normal conditions can be achieved.  It is simply not possible for us due to lack of staff who are able to attend market under the present circumstances.  We greatly apologize to our market customers!  Please read on to find out where else you can get our vegetables.

The good news is that we are healthy, our vegetables are growing well, and you can buy our produce in the following ways:


Box Program

The best way to buy our vegetables during the pandemic is through our on-farm pick up box program.  We have a new Saturday morning pick-up option and we’re currently taking customers!

When coming out to Metchosin to get your box, you also have the chance to visit the Sea Bluff Farm stand on Wooton Road, which carries many of the Western vegetables that we don’t grow much.



We’re also sending vegetables to Fujiya, 3624 Shelbourne St, on Saturdays.  We plan to continue doing this throughout the season, and so this will be one option for getting our products within coming to Metchosin.


Sea Bluff Farm Stand

We are also sending some of our produce to the Sea Bluff Farm Stand on Tuesdays and Saturdays where it is sold along with produce from Sea Bluff and other local organic farms.  Please check them out as well!


None of these works?

If you’re a regular customer of Umi Nami Farm at the Market and none of the above works for you, please get in touch!  (See phone and email below).  We have friends of the farm who have offered to help.  No guarantees, but we can at least talk and try!



For prepared food, Uchida Eatery is re-opening for take-out and will continue to use our vegetables.

Last but not least, please note that Moss Street Market is still open every week and many of our fellow farmers and other food vendors have the option of ordering online to pick up at the online order pick-up tent without having to brave the usual line ups.  Please continue to support the market during the pandemic!

If you know of a market customer who usually buys our vegetables but isn’t regularly online, please pass this message on to them.

Your feedback is most appreciated as we navigate the current pandemic.  You can reach us at or at 250-391-0763.